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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

We are one in unity, Keep the spirit of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika

We are one in unity, Keep the spirit of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika

By  : Edrida Pulungan

When I was study in junior high school, I remembered entering the organization as scout girl. I learned many activities in scouting girl and meet kinds of friends from many classes. Most of us from different ethnic, I was batakness, some of my friend were javaness, malay, chinase, sundaness and even me as mandailing batakness, but there is also kind of batakness friends such as Toba, Karo and Angkola.

Picture 1 : Me and my friend wear national custom from 
some province in Indonesia at Cibubur 2006, doc.Edrida
 We have activity such us reading morse, marching drills, decode, waving flags, put up a tent and also cooking rice for the group. We have kind of ethnic but we were together in one group and one tent. Most of us divide some duty for overcome some code, waving the flag and some took some water and others were  cooked to prepared breakfast for all member of scout girl. 

Most of us sometimes have misunderstanding like when my batakness friend who get used to speak too louder who makes my javaness friend misunderstanding and feeling sad and felt my batakness friend angry with him, but finally we were launghing because most of batakness speak louder maybe because the ancestor live in the mountain and they speak a little bit louder. But believe me most of the batakness also good in voice and can sing a song. Do you know after fifteen years old, most of the winner of Indonesian idol and contestant of singing competition are batakness, ups it just kidding. 

Picture 2 : Scout girl and scot boy with advisor

I learn many dinamic of group. That is why I really get the benefit and experience of mutual understanding at the first time in cross ethnic group in my province, North Sumatera, especially when I got elected as participant of local jamboree scout girl in North Sumatera, I meet more ethnic such from Nias and also from Sidikalang. I was happy know more friend and ethnic.

Picture 4 : the symbol of event national jamboree at cibubur, jakarta at 1966 doc.Edrida

Picture 4 : the medal of participation national jamboree at cibubur, 
jakarta at 1966 doc.Edrida
But my story about understanding another ethnic not only at the moment. It was also continue when I was elected in National Scout Girl in Cibubur Jakarta at 1996. I met many other ethnic such from Ambon and Irian Jaya and now called Papua. I really happy and overwhelmed and came and visited my Amboness friend with get hospitality eating some special food which is called “papeda”, hmm in sticky from sagu buy yummy, when it was prepared in hot. I love the food and happy meet many friends, from different culture, languange, food but unite under the spirit of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika and also the values of Pancasila in third principle “ unity of Indonesia”. After the moment we keep doing correspondance to getting know each other. I got the letter from my best pan pal from Ambon and West Sumatera, they also teach me some traditional song and and local languange, fortunately my friend can explained the local languange into bahasa Indonesia as formal languange. That is why I say thank you for founding fathers and youth in making youth pladge at 1928 that we call “sumpah pemuda” who bring us the spirit of Bhinneka ,  Do you remember this pledge ;


We the sons and daughters of Indonesia,acknowledge one motherland Indonesia
We the sons and dauhters of Indonesia,acknowledge one nation,the nation of Indonesia
We the sons and daughters of Indonesia,respect the languange of unity,Indonesian
The 1928 Youth Pledge is an important even to encourage the spirit of   indonesian nationalism

My experience also memorable in learning about nationalism when I was elected in Paskibra; the formation of people who raising the flag at independence day, finally after tried the selection for twice, I got the chance to be elected. I felt proud because I can minggle with the team and also increasing my discipline.
But it was also increasing when I was elected as youth exchange program in Australia at 2006. Wow, I learned many cross culture undertanding and I also promoting the culture of my country for Australian’s friend. 

Picture 5 : My photo with US AmbassadorScot Marciel
in break fasting at Ramadhan in residence 2012 doc.Edrida

My cross culture experince also increasing when I visiting american corner in Medan and see the video, textbook about America, and found the common ground between America and Indonesia. America is melting pot with many imigrant come to get their better life with popular with “ American’s dream” in pursuit happiness, and Indonesia also the land for many ethnic which is spread from Sabang until Merauke but in unity and enganged with Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

Picture 6 : My photo with US Ambassador Cameron R.Hume
in ambassador nigt at Paramadina University doc.Edrida

I also visited At america in Jakarta as my favorite Place to hang out and learn many knowledge and culture, do you know I was happy in their first anniversary I got gadget and give it to my sister as her birthday’s gift. I hope one day I got something special perhaps continue my study in Amerika. I like it because America promoting democracy, creativity and freedom of speech. I really want to increase my knowledge about art, creative writing and communication.
Oh ya, I ever tried my best and get my Fulbright scholarship at 2011. I got it  at the time  get job as speech writer in parliament, So it was cancelled to go for technical reason and given to waiting list scholar. But my soul been there. I'll try again, It just the matter of time. just two words.Never Give Up. Hopefully this historical evidence will read by my childrens one day, the got high spirit and motivated mom :). I keep remembered all the tight ant taugh process. I passed it.

Picture 7 : My American's Visa was issued, the one of  evidence               of achievement to study overseas at 2011 doc.edrida

         Picture 7 : At america the place for learn many knowledge doc.Edrida

        Well, I really want to meet Obama who was President America now, and of course you know that He ever study primary school in Menteng, Jakarta. I really proud of it, and one more thing is I want to meet John Favreau as his great speech writer. I remember his speech in University Indonesia and mention about Bhinneka Tunggal ika Spirit and many kinds of local food from Indonesia. It means we have same taste Mr. President.

Picture 8: When I can took photo with real Presiden obama ?
Picture 8: John favreau the director of speechwriting of Presiden obama ?
        My dream one day I can get the spirit of pursuit happiness by visiting America as one of my dream country jus because the reason to learn more about cross culture understanding, tolerance and tooke some picture in liberty statue, maybe my dream is really funny like kids. I know we must imagine first because I remember what Uncle Albert Einstein that mention “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Hopefully my dream come true. 

This article was written for Bhinneka Tunggal Ika - E Pluribus Unum:
Tolerance Blogging Competition KLIK