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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Journey of Intelectual Beauty ( Part 1)

I have just finishing inspiring event with many fellow from Asian Women Empowerment 2015.
I got many women give their experience about personality development, innovation, business and life motivation. It was great moment in jogja at september 2015. I happy got scholarship and selected

Next I also really happy , my paper has selected in  IIFAS ( International Indoensian Forum For Asian Studies) at Andalas University, 29 until 30 September. I happy because I will presenting about my paper in sociological aspect and literacy.

The title is  " The Development of literacy Community  by Social Awareness : Case Study Aisyah Pulungan, Street Children in North Sumatera". I wiull presented among researcher, scholar, writer, government, birocrat, etc. I feel it was collection of intellectual forum. I really proud to join it

I know it was small step for me in understanding social phenomena and also effect of literacy in making social awareness for in part of province in Indonesia

Counting the days for the  International Forum For Asia Studies :)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Happy as Selected Participant for Asean Women Empowermen (AWE) 2015

Lovely September, Thank you Allah

I got selected as participant AWE among all ASEAN's woman to get the ticket for the conference
I feel happy and grateful for this chance. I also read many inspiring speaker in woman empowerment and social entrepreneurship

I read this awesome email

Edrida Pulungan <>,
edrida pulungan <>

Congratulations! You’ve been selected to receive AWE ’15 Scholarship!

Thank you everyone for applying for our very first scholarship program! It was a delight to see all the passionate essays and great ideas. It was a very hard decision. I hope AWE ’15 will boost your confidence and successfully provide the tools you need to develop your idea into reality. I’m confident that you’ll learn a lot from our speakers and fellow participants.

You’ve won the AWE ’15 Ticket category. To see the full list, please visit our website:

Everyone has to register for AWE ’15, including you. Please fill out your information via our registration form: (select “other” in the ticket selection)

Conference starts at 2pm on Friday (Sept 11) and ends at 3pm on Sunday (Sept 13), please arrange your travel schedule accordingly. All the recipients are required to attend all three days of AWE ’15 conference. The scholarship ticket is not transferable. If you don’t want to accept the scholarship, please send me an email with the reason. 

If you wish to stay at EDU Hostel (10% discount for AWE participants), please fill out the form: 

You can browse through our website for more information: and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question. 

We’re looking forward to meet you at AWE ’15 soon!


Juno Kim  
Storyteller: Travel Photographer & Writer
Founder of Asian Women's Empowerment Organization

Then I see some background and profile list of speakers, wow It's Great

Then I tried to see some lucky participant

The AWE ’15 Scholarship Recipients

Happy 70th Independence Day, Indonesia! It’s a great day to announce pleasant news.
Thank you everyone for applying for our very first scholarship program! It was a delight to see all the passionate essays and great ideas. It was a very hard decision. I hope AWE ’15 will boost your confidence and successfully provide the tools you need to develop your idea into reality. I’m confident that you’ll learn a lot from our speakers and fellow participants.
Here are the recipients. Thank you for our sponsors and conference benefactors who made this scholarship possible.

AWE ’15 Ticket + Cash (600,000 IDR) category
Becky Huang/ China
Relinda Puspita/ Indonesia
Joanna Fuertes/ Philippines
Josefine Yaputri/ Indonesia
Nia Hesti Aprilya/ Indonesia

AWE ’15 Ticket category
Hidayatul Azyani Adanan/ Malaysia
Lina Paulina Purba/ Indonesia
Elisabeth/ Indonesia
Reynilda Tiam/ Malaysia
Ira Lathief/ Indonesia
Geraldine/ Malaysia
Erwita Nursari/ Indonesia
Edrida Pulungan/ Indonesia

Everyone listed here will be notified via email and instruction on how to register for AWE ’15 with your scholarship approval. Congratulations! We’re looking forward to meet you in September. 

AWE ’15 organizers

Then hereby the speaker

1.Lyana Khairuddin
Educator, Researcher, Writer

Women in Power: from science to social activism
I wish to highlight the numerous contributions by women throughout history, especially when they faced discrimination due to their gender, with a focus in science and technology. I would like to discuss gender equality and the challenges faced in society’s and our own personal expectations in our roles as mothers, daughters, and balancing that role with our careers.
1. Women have been contributing to the society in many roles, and not just gender-centric roles as mothers/wives/support to men
2. Standing up to patriarchy and why we all need to be involved to ensure that men and women all want gender equality.

 2.Sharmini Hensen
Life Coach

Turn Your Passion Into Money

You have found your passion and it’s not your current job. You want to leave and pursue your passion. But you worry how will you pay your bills. Will you be able to earn the same income? What if you fail? This is a highly energetic and interactive session to guide you how to turn your passion into an income generating livehood. You will also learn to let go of your worries and doubts and have faith in yourself. You will begin to open yourself up to the world of possibilities and abundance.
1. You will be mentally and emotionally ready for the big leap into being your own business owner.
2. You will have a new and empowered relationship with money.
3. You will clarify your next steps towards your financial independence.

Women’s empowerment
Empowerment is the completed process of taking back all your personal power so that now you can respond and create the life that you desire to live regardless of what is the current external environment. We are rallying for Women’s Empowerment for the only reason; that women have forgotten how truly powerful and resourceful we are.
1. Learn what are your natural latent powers
2. Identify what disempowers you
3. Master the skills to all ways be and stay powerful

3.Kounila Keo
Blogger, Media Consultant 

Using blogging to find your voice
I want to give practical tips to participants who might be more interested in how a blog has changed my life and how it can change theirs. Participants can then learn how to take advantage of this technology for their personal, academic or professional life.

 4.Dr.Sivakumar Kumaresan
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sabah and Learning Coach, KK Learning Excellence
From Clarity to Courage: Charting an Empowered Life

In life, we often think that our answers are outside us, that our world would change as we change the external circumstances of our lives, such as our income, relationships, and careers. So we strive for goals that often when we achieve them do not satisfy nor fulfill what we sought. In actuality, lasting change starts from the inside, where as we change internally through clarity, we begin to change externally with courage.
Through his experiences and those who he has coached and trained, Siva has found that the greatest changes happen externally when we have clarity internally, on who we are, what we value, and how we wish to live. Some examples of major changes people have undergone through this process includes experiencing more joy in their daily lives, changing careers, getting out of destructive relationships, and increasing their financial abundance.
In this talk, he intends to share simple but effective steps that can allow us to get greater clarity in life and take steps to living with courage. Among the key sharings he will cover include:
· How knowing and understanding our values leads to clarity
· Why we feel overwhelmed and out of power when facing the worlds’ demands
· The link between our personal energy and our ability to set meaningful goals and finding creative
· Living a meaningful life daily

5.Pisey Khim
Managing Director at Women’s Resource Center, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Every challenge is a lesson: advice from a professional Cambodian woman

Social work is a new concept in Cambodia. People ask me why I do the work that I do. Why do I take on other women’s problems as my job, when I have my own problems to deal with? Because I like working with people – seeing them reach their potential makes me happy.
Everyone has potential. Everyone has strengths and abilities, but sometimes that potential is never found. Or sometimes we do find that potential but we don’t know what to do with it. Life presents us with many challenges, which sometimes block our self-esteem and self-motivation, especially for women.
I could be a very different to the person I am today. Why did I have to grow up in a poor family and not a rich family? Why did my father die? Why did I have to lose the opportunity to further my education? If I focused on all these negative thoughts, I would never have overcome my challenges and become a Managing Director.
We all need to remember that we are not alone in our struggles. As human beings we all have the right to seek support. This is one of the biggest lessons I have learned from my life’s challenges. With self-value, self-confidence you can connect with other people, overcome your challenges and realize your potential.

 6.Yun Qing Liau
Improviser, Writer
Get Moving with Improv

Improvisational theatre (or improv) is a form of theater where the performance is created on the spot collaboratively by the players without a script. In this session, you’ll get a taste of what improv is about. Try out improv for yourself and find out how you can apply the rules of improv in your life. Expect lots of movements and laughs. It’s best to wear comfortable clothes.
1. Learn that improv principles are not only used in theatre but also in real life.
2. Become more positive by adopting the number 1 rule of improv, saying “Yes, and”.
3. Understand that collaboration is key in improv and in life.

7.Andrew Wong
MAD Incubator CEO
Entrepreneur Thinking – The Mindset of Achieving Business Success

Successful entrepreneurs are made! What makes successful entrepreneurs become successful? How do they think? How do they make decisions?
For the very first time, participants will be introduce to the framework of Effectual Thinking – the basis on which successful entrepreneurs think, make decisions and react to opportunities.
1. Understand what you really want and how you want to achieve it.
2. Understand what is inhibiting your progress in achieving your dreams
3. Understand how successful entrepreneurs think, make decisions and react to opportunities
4. Know the successful entrepreneur mindset
5. Understand how to start your business (if you are still clueless in how to get your ideas off the ground)
6. Know your roadmap to a successful business
7. Learn the Effectual Thinking framework and apply in your daily life
8. Be Successful in everything that you do.

8.Anna McKeon
Igloo Co-Founder
The Problem with Helping – Why You Should Think Twice about International Volunteering

There is now an accepted rhetoric that “giving back” is an important part of addressing social injustice that people may see as they move through the world. There is a billion dollar volunteering and voluntourism industry propagating this idea – mainly facilitating people travelling from the global north to the global south. However, attempts at “giving back” during travel can be fraught with complexities that aren’t always apparent and can even serve to cause harm and reinforce injustices. This session gives an overview of this complex situation, and suggests alternatives for more positive global engagement.
1. Profound problems associated with some forms of international volunteering and charitable giving – such as the orphanage industry
2. Questions to ask if you’re thinking of volunteering, donating, or interacting with volunteers or development organisations
3. Ideas for how to define your own ideas for positive global engagement

9.Elizabeth Raisa “Rice” Tanawi
Digital Marketing and Innovation Strategist; Creative, Cultural, and Service Industries Consultant and Lecturer
1 Asian Female traveler telling 2 handpicked stories from my experience with fellow Couchsurfers, taken from 3 countries so far in order to formulate the 5 Currencies of Couchsurfing you need to know to utilise the Couchsurfing platform in full potential!