Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Litercy, Library and Culture

My literacy month

I really happy for busy day in April and may. I follow many discussion, seminar and writing series.
How the literacy change my perspectives about anythings.

I hear that poetry is the melody of word, sometimes you hiding on it, sometimes you strict to the point to mention

I believe everything will running on process.
yesterday I follow writing series by Jakarta Post, I have some perspective about journalistic, literature, etc.

I also attending Libraray Expo in national library. I really happy in understanding that we are no more counting how many library has built for reaching the readers in the eastern Indonesia but how we can grow together

I also attending some poets come to their book publishing such LK Ara for his sufistic poetry comes from the simple word in a poet. I really happy to enjoy it and say my greeting and some poets mining. it does'nt  need two doctors comes to analyze the poet mention Naruddin.

 I also goes to many story of foreign perspectives of Italia novels and enjoy how did the process of research some writer.

 I hope I will find good froend, mentor and sponsor to go for the best " litercy event " in Medan

May , 16 Th 2017


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