Thursday, May 24, 2018

First Ramadhan After Married's life

This year we got first experience for ramadhan moment, get fasting after married time , got sahur then cooking together, we love to eat at home and sometimes find small  warteg for get soto betawi and another food

in fifth of ramadhan, I go to mosque Kubah Mas, it was the rain. I get tarawih after fasting kolak pisang, so sad husband not  feel well and get rest at home, but my spirit of ramadhan comes to me, I believe could passed it with best blessing

many mosque was around Depok, but I feel more compartable going there. the mosque which I was visited when I was graduated

feeling many blessing of Allah after was survive in jakarta then going for doble master and get small home around Depok, to be career woman but obey the culture and identity. I could say that life was miracle even many challange was coming.


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