Monday, June 25, 2018

Poetry From Jakarta Sunset to the Sunrise of Singapore

From Jakarta Sunset to the Sunrise of Singapore

The last twilight
The sky full of purple color
Will you paint our story too
But it was the last December
 I find your sadness eyes
We will separated in couple hours
But will we got happiness and peace in heart
After we quarrel because of idealism to starting new life

For the several times
I was here waiting for you
  In Soekarno Hatta Airport
The busy airport in corner of Batavia

Jakarta was my soul
 My hearts was softly muttering
 In the calm morning
 I was arrived in Changi Airport

Fly towards the opposite side of the country
 I pick up your childhood dreams were I would like to see
My flight was delayed in the blessing of moth
I still learn your history

In the corner of a third-floor café
I meet a man
I stared you with straight eyes
You smiled understated
We looked at each other right into the booth sense

Months have passed since that brief meeting
You caught up with me in a small hilly town of flowers
Enjoying walk in the warm morning
Watched the sun rise from the summit
We go hand in hand at the end of the ninth month
It seems like you hear the unspoken
As quietly said to me
Fly with me

Fly with me
 Of course  I will go with me
I go to a part of the world will be there for you
I murmured with a smile

Although we had missed the plane because of the unfriendly weather
Of course we will go to the garden bay
I will see many flowers like purple and white Sakura was blowing
I will continue to hold your hand
Pick your dream my dear
Because your dream will be our dream

In the serendipity morning
 My plane has arrived
I lost something that never been mine

The last sunset in Singapore
I see the sky up
So I can hold my tears

Time was flush
Everyone find history
But I will never loose the memory

I know
Find the peace in your eyes
Where I always feel at home

 Soekarno Hatta Midnight, October 2017


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