Monday, September 7, 2015

Journey of Empowerment Path

I  still on my way, learning many things in my life
learning about my self
what can I do for family
for society
for community
and for the state

friendship in same vision

I have many friend which is always met in many occasion of event such seminar, conference, discussion, talkshow. It's all about creativity, social entrepreneurship and empowerment. One of them, Ira Latief

Then we have same things in common, we love writing and  each of has published book. Each of as also alumni of youth exchange program, I have represented Indonesian Youth For Australia and Ira has represent youth for ASEAN- Jepang. We also love travelling  each other. Ira also worked as tour guide and I worked as public relation in parliament that sometimes give me chance toto travel around Indonesia and I hope also around the world someday. Ira has freedom time but I almost got my freedom :).

Then what else about our same common in friendship? Ira studied international relation is master degree from Padjajaran University and I studied  my Master in international relation from Paramadina University. Then without telling each other Ira took doctoral degree in FISIP UI and I do too but I took my second master degree in Sociology FISIP University of Indonesia. But I think someday I'll take my doctoral degree program also.

Then from all the story we also got same chance for attending ASEAN Women Empoworment (AWE) 2015. We got the chance among all woman participant from ASEAN. This is really true story of our friendship to grow together


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