Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Silence of December : Aceh Survive

The Silence of December : Aceh Survive

The day was come
Earth quake
Disaster or surrender
The voice from somewhere
under ground
it was hard day
the sky was shy
shake and fall
in the silence of glory
I hear the children was crying
calling her mom
will the tsunami come again
say halo or bye
Allah sent us your protection
I see
her mom smile with gloomy face
has passed away hug her with silence
the crack of roof through her head
and smile in her lips
Oh syuhada
the power of love
his daughter was safe
raise your future
my daughter
send me thousand of flower
send me thousand of smile
send me thousand of letter
sing me " bungoung jeumpa" from the heaven
Thousand pray for Aceh, Pidie in december
semoga segat selalu para keluarga yang ada di pidie dan sekitarnya


  1. Nice poem. It is a couple days of sadness this December.