Monday, July 24, 2017

The Voice Of Moslem Youth

The Voice Of Moslem Youth

Look the paddy field
They were seed, green till it yellow
But when it was grow up
Need  times and few month
Rain, sun rise, farmer hand and God
Will create the new history
Paddy was symbol of justice and prosperity

Moslem youth
You and me
You were also green generation
Spread in the world and many nation
Can we get our  one voice

What make us grow up in our bod
y, mind and soul
If we only think our self and not see our surrounding
Drug abuse, poverty, unemployment, corruption, trafficking, 
conflict, war around us

We were arise in minority and majority  moslem country
With smaller and higher  GDP
With smaller and higher population
With smaller and higher young people like us
Did you still fight and dram
Or being failed with dead hope
Or stand up with alive hope

So what we can do
Can I hear your voice

What could call you
Where is your voice

What is your small action with bigger impact
Don’t just overwhelmed
Many things happen and the world has changed
Moslem youth was agent of change

Go home and fix everything was broken and stuck
Just do what you can do
Stand up, Give your voice
Let Allah give you the blessing
Then Peace upon you

Madinah, April 2011


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