Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Book, Library and Me

                       Picture 1 : Reading book in getting knowledge and imagination

                      Picture  2: small library of Lentera Indonesia in The future

 I love book, I love reading. I really happy when my duddy bring me BOBO magazine from his office. I believe that book as the window of the imajination, knowledge and the world, so since in first grade in primary school , i have many collection of book at home, even sometimes my duddy also buy it from second book shop.

                          Picture 3 :  Sepucuk Rindu Book with Author from US

I also active in foolowing many book festival and literacy such as ASEAN literacy Festival 2014 that held in Jakarta, I met many ASEAN's writer and I really happy to share with them, one of Professor from Univerwsity of Brunai also bought my book with title " A yearning Letter for Aisyah " in Bahasa Sepucuk Rindu Untuk Aisyah yang setia.

as begiiner in book industry, I beleive taht I willl never stop in writing in my life, even just only small contribution for literacy, I'll be very happy to writing

                    Picture  4: Sepucuk Rindu Book with Okky and Athor from Brunai

In my office, I have runnning many writin such speech for chairman of parliament in House Of Regional representative of Republic Indonesia, and also running for 7 edistion of Senator Magazine,m I really happy to do it. It really happy to work with team.

                           Picture  5: enjoying ASEAN literacy Festival eith  with  Ananada Sukarlkan

I also met Ananda Sukarlant as amazing pianist from Indonesia that live in Spain now, it really nice festival

                              Picture  6: we love book, library and sociology :)

I also learn much from Okky Mandasari taht writing many issue in human right and critical thingking about many society condition in Indonesia, ssst actually we also learn sociology in faculty social and politic in University of Indonesia, what a small world

In the future, I hope I can developed Lentera Pustaka Indonesia as library that open the access to  all sociaety as a place to learn, read and write in the world of literacy.
So book, library and me it really close. Let's discuss about book with a cup coffe :)


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