Wednesday, March 9, 2016

International Fashion Week Festival 2016

 Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

What a day, finally I have infolved with International Fashion Week Festival 2016 and make some preparation with my friends who has lauch " Lombok Signature" and we also going for visiting Poppy Darsono Butik. I wear her collection which made with weaving, and here we are with Dina Faisal

 I love to write and make some research about Indonesia Textile and weaving from Indonesia, in 2006, I was assisted the wive regent of South Tapanuli and make corporation with Samuel Wattimena to redesign Ulos. Then I continue my writing and research in developing small medium enterprise and in 2012, My research about the role of Chambers and Commerce in developing small medium enterprise and got some result about best product from 33 provinces and in 2014, I make some research again about Ikat Weaving From NTT and how the community development involved by Institutionalism theory, then my horizon about weaving in Indonesia is getting bigger

Then I got special Invitation

We always proud with Indonesia Product and Local Brand

Collection of Poppy Dharsono, with Tenun Ikat


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