Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The day as Researcher

Sometimes scientific writing need creativity
Because researcher should survive with all the condition

This is my part of journey as researcher,

I have wrote my best as researcher, them I come to proposal defence. I know the day. I found my text never reply by the dean. I have been traumatic with killer lecturer in my first master degree, Then I know what should I've done. I have to step back and do my best. I still to make coordination with my supervisor lecturer. I feel comport, even I have to make new theory and go to some places to get the inspiration that connected to my thesis about community development and weaving Ikat East Timur

This is kind of my activity, I need team, supervisor, mentor and sponsor. I hope Allah guidance me

1. In Indonesian Fashion Week 2016, I help my friend in Lombok Signature to going for exhibition and choose what kind of weaving motif that good to launch, then we worked until morning after we have special time in Gerhana Matahari Total in Istiqlal

I met Bu Atice and got inspiration, and make some story about reflection of culture in talkshow. It was really nice

2. I have met with Bu Meynar Sihombing as Micro finance development and told me about condition of weaver and I really happy in making inspiration conversation, such as  training is not effective if the weaver always got some training it will be loose their creativity. The people will push to inovate new motive, in that case it was better make effective training and not disturb the weaver too much. Then they also have target to fixed the weaving and just give them some part of them, so they can used for their needed such for school or everythings


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