Monday, May 5, 2014

Are You Steak Lover?

Are you steak lover? if yes, of course you will be very happy like me if you got invitation to taste some delicious steak is it?  Because you can enjoy your favorite food with free and meet new friend :)
 For me, Food is something special, because it sometimes makes us remember the place and the people which together with us to eat some speacial food. I remember when I was lived in Australia and got the best steak in dinner time with my host family in Darwin, in outback, Northern Territority. We got many times to got berbeque and invited many friends to join us. But today we got the steak will cooked for us.

Picture 1. Mr. Aletta Sumampouw from give welcoming greeting for all guest and member in Steakhouse. doc.edrida

I have great timet to taste my favorite steak again in outback steakhouse kuningan city, jakarta. Before order some steak,I  got some explenation from the best chef from Singapore who has presented some information all about steak, such as cuts of steak, anatomy of the cow, price, tenderness and marbling, elegant or casual, in attempts to help you choose which is the perfect steak for you. There is some type of steak Rib, Short loin, Tenderloin and Sirloin. Some of the best meat was imported from US, Japan, Australia, etc bwith high qualification.

Picture 2.  Chef from Singapore give presentation all about steak  doc.edrida


Picture 3.   The Kitchen's environment of Steakhouse doc.edrida

 After that, How happy I'm because I also have a chance to get some kitchen’s touring also. It was  ocuured because of event for such great moment for us to review and taste some food. We also saw directly the size of meet, the cooking process, the chef and also some quality of flavour that imported from french, US, Norway, Japan, etc.

 Picture 4.   The Members  have a chance to see directly  how's the steak was cooked  doc.edrida

Picture 5. Mr. Budi as controlling how's the steak already served.doc.edrida

   I got my order, the prime steak. The taste of the flavour and meet really yummy. I also get mashed potatoes first and order for prime steak as the favorite menu in the restaurant outback house. 
 Picture 6. My mashed potatoes already served.doc.edrida

 The heat of the kitchen makes me proud for the chef who tried to serve the best food for us. At the moment I also talked with Mr. Budi who is controlling the food before it was served. How really great job for prepring  such  yummy steak. I really want to order many. But the portion it’s really superb.

Picture 7. My Prime steak has already served.doc.edrida.

 So what kind of steak do you want? you can order for your steak to be cooked 'rare', 'medium', and 'well done'. Don’t ever said that you are steak lover if not visited Outback  Steakhouse in Kuningan  :). So let’s go.

 Picture 8. all member and guest of took some picture in front of Outback Steakhouse Kuningan City .doc.edrida


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