Thursday, January 14, 2016

Everyday is our Birthday, Inspiration from Terror Attack in jakarta

I got invitation for getting lunch with FPCI for attending " Diplomacy Bakso" then I realize it will be at 12.00
pm. I see my watch it's about 11.00 pm, then I see my whats up and got news about accident in Sarinah
oh My God, Allah is still save me, then I continue my duty and got thankful for today.Today was my birthday, Alhamdulillah.

Then I checked my email, I got some information that the event was cancelled then I see the time as 12.45. pm.I was thinking for a while there is no one can guarantee everything was happen for us in the future. January 14 th, I got some lesson, Thank you Allah for still giving me breath for running and seed the dream :)

My sister also feel the same things, as she worked in Kuningan and near to embassy, we have just busy with ourself getting to talked to each other and advice for take care for us.

the new day..
everyday was our birthday :)


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